Highlights of the Webinar on “How to Raise Your Company from an Idea”

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CETIN is delightful to share with you that an exciting and informative webinar on the topic “How to Raise Your Company from an Idea” was arranged on February 25, 2021 at 3:00 pm. Mr. Ali Khursheed, the Founder of one of our successful incubated start-ups i.e Aabshar, was invited as a guest speaker for this session.

Mr. Ali Khursheed is the Founder of a successful start-up i.e. Aabshar which is one of the major success stories that CENTIN\Futurizm takes pride in. He shared his first-hand experience about the major initial failures and challenges faced by a startup alongside the opportunities available in Pakistan. He exchanged the aspects required to overcome short and long-term hurdles faced by startups. He also explained how students can secure funding from national and international investors. The session was followed by an interactive Q&A session. The students rigorously took part in the session and asked note-worthy questions.

This webinar was aired live at our social media pages, whereas the recording would be available on UMT YouTube soon. The lively session instilled entrepreneurial spirit and inspiration amongst students and received an overwhelming response from the participants. To incite and facilitate innovation, CENTIN would arrange such webinars in future as well.