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The public and private sectors have increasingly recognized the importance of supporting startup businesses in the critical early years of growth. One such business support mechanism that has gained popularity as an economic development tool is business incubation. Likewise, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CENTIN), is intended to serve as a business hub for local and regional economic development as it launches and manages a business facilitation center. The objective of establishing a business center is to accelerate business growth and success and decrease the likelihood of failure. This in turn creates new jobs, diversifies the industrial base, and enhances quality of life in the community. The long term objectives of the Center include; advancing economic growth and helping companies get established and rooted in the community—so that after graduation—they become permanent contributors to the overall vitality, diversity, and growth of country’s economy.

CENTIN aims to facilitate and catalyze innovation, entrepreneurial development, and business growth through tailored programs independently as well as in association with national and international organizations.

Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and ideas, CENTIN ensures to meet its residents’ future and fulfill their goals, dreams, and aspirations. CENTIN as an independent body in collaboration with different offices of the University, enjoys strong connections with academia, multiple sectors of industries, chambers of commerce, research centers, and dignified professionals. UMT provides continuous support to achieve CENTIN’s goals through its liaison hub; where, physical and intellectual resources in public and private organizations are always available as and when required. It backs CENTIN through experience of more than a decade in entrepreneurship, start-up training, technology commercialization and business plan competitions. Consequently, CENTIN competitively enjoys huge network of industry to support piloting and commercialization of start-up ideas.

We can have a wonderful time together if you are looking to become Your Own Boss by initiating your own business or scale up your existing startup.

We have multiple divisions to support CENTIN’s vision including Startup Division, Corporate Innovation Center, National and International Collaborations, Training and Development, Research & Development and so on. These divisions being integrated with each other overcomer different challenges to the business lifecycle of certain products and services.

We are confident that our center will live up to your expectations, and you will enjoy being with us either as Entrepreneur, Trainer, Mentor, Facilitator, or Motivational Speaker.

Yasir Amjad

Director CENTIN