MoU Signed with CODE International

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A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between UMT and Code International TIP through CENTIN/Futurizm-UMT.

Code International is a group of approved companies in Turkey-Iran-Pakistan (TIP) that focuses on the networking of student entrepreneurs and investors. The collaboration aims to provide multiple opportunities for young startups, so that they can contribute to the economic prosperity and regional development.  

On behalf of UMT, it was signed by Mr. Abid H. K. Shirwani- Director General, UMT; whereas, on behalf of the Code International, it was signed by Dr. Muhammad Irfan Maqsood, President at Code International (Pakistan-Iran-Turkey)

As per the signed MoU, Code International and UMT will collaborate to facilitate students through the following activities:

  • Joint entrepreneurship activities and establishment of joint multinational startups and networking groups
  • Short term training programs on entrepreneurship for students, academics, developing entrepreneurs etc.
  • Holding joint conferences, sessions and seminars together to facilitate innovative students and their entrepreneurial dreams
  • Internship projects for young and developing entrepreneurs.

Together UMT and Code International-TIP will engage students in entrepreneurship invoking activities where UMT students will not only be encouraged towards innovation but also develop value-based skills.