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CENTIN is delighted to introduce the Entrepreneurship Society for the students of UMT, with the purpose to connect those who share an eager interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. The society aims to encourage innovation amongst students and inculcate a spirit of entrepreneurship. The members would be nurtured to become successful young entrepreneurs and/or individuals by the time they graduate from the university.

Ariba is studying for a postgraduate degree in International Relations. She is passionate about learning, and motivated to promote innovative ideas in synergy with the education system to empower the youth. Previously she has interned at SOS Children's Village. Recently, she launched her own project with a vision to promote literary activities and arts on the national and regional level.

Ariba Anwaar

General Secretary

Hashima is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in English language and linguistics at UMT. She is work-oriented and competitive. With great communication skills and a positive attitude, she is driven to work hard and accomplish great milestones. Operating with clarity, integrity, and consistency is her true passion.

Hashima Khan

Media Secretary

Qumber is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Business Administration at UMT. He being a business mind, has eloquent communication and excellence in art of persuasion. He is intrinsically motivated and ambitious. He is loud and bold about rational incentives as he is a vocal debtor too. His future is to become a successful entrepreneur. Digital world needs resources like him who can contribute to digital marketing.

Qumber Murtaza

Digital Media Secretary