“Self-Employment as Career Choice for Youth” by SMEDA

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CENTIN/Futurizm successfully organized a free seminar on “Self-Employment as Career Choice for Youth” at UMT in collaboration with SMEDA and NBDP on November 10, 2021, at 1C-17 hall, UMT, Lahore. The seminar aimed to equip youth with contemporary tools and strategies necessary to become Self-Employed. The primary agenda of the seminar was to comprehend the concept and importance of self-employment, learn about the real-time challenges involved in working as a freelancer, and understand how to apply the tools and frameworks for successfully becoming self-employed.

Mr. Awais Bin Mehtab (Founder, Bin Mehtab Coaching) who is a famous wellbeing coach, leadership development trainer, and workplace culture consultant, was the resource person of this seminar. He elaborated the difference between Entrepreneurship and job. He further shared the global statistics for explaining the reasons behind the business failure. He described a few implications and cautious points to the participants, such as carefully accessing the market’s need for their product, building a solid team, a few traits of successful Entrepreneurs, and balancing the emotional cycle to become a successful self-employed person. Moreover, he performed a few activities and asked multiple questions to make this session more productive and interactive. He further discussed modern tools and strategies to transform ideas into successful business start-ups. It was an interactive session, and the speaker precisely answered all the queries of the participants during his talk

Mr. Muhammad Yasir Amjad (Director, CENTIN) thanked Mr. Awais with concluding remarks of the event. He introduced the students to the services of CENTIN/Futurizm as an incubation center where potential start-ups could come and incubate their business ideas for future development. He offered a souvenir as a token of appreciation to the honorable guest. The event ended on a note of gratitude.

CENTIN/Futurizm has collaborated with SMEDA for a series of these kinds of sessions to promote entrepreneurship among the students. We are hopeful to organize more seminars in future, and the confirmed schedule will be shared soon.