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CENTIN/Futurizm successfully organized a free seminar on “Entrepreneurship as a Viable Career Option” in collaboration with SMEDA and NBDP on October 20, 2021 at 1C-17 hall, UMT, Lahore. The agenda of the seminar was to understand the importance and concept of Entrepreneurship, learn real time challenges involved in starting a small business, and enable us to apply the tools/frameworks for successfully managing small businesses.

Mr. Muhammad Ali, a corporate trainer, with more than twenty-two years of hands-on experience in various industries ranging from Oil and Gas to real estate to retail and direct selling, conducted the session. He is a regular speaker on many forums and also an author of a book on Life Skills “Body Language and Communication.”

Mr. Ali emphasized the need and importance of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. He shared that every entrepreneur could add value by improving the customer services in Pakistan. He further elaborated the three steps to become a successful entrepreneur such as idea, preparation period, and the proof of the product. He enhanced the value of mentorship in the lives of entrepreneurs through his talk. He concluded the discussion by elaborating the absence of entrepreneurial ways which could be impactful for small business success like lack of planning, poor management skills, poor credit, not enough money, ignoring the customer, failure of outside help, poor cash management, and lack of experience. He further discussed contemporary tools and strategies to transform ideas into successful business start-ups. This was an interactive session and the speaker precisely answered all the queries of the participants during his talk

Mr. Muhammad Yasir Amjad (Director, CENTIN) thanked Mr. Ali with concluding remarks of the event. He introduced the students with the services of CENTIN/Futurizm as an incubation center where start-ups could come and incubate their business ideas for future development. He offered a souvenir as a token of appreciation to the honorable guest. The event ended on a note of gratitude.

CENTIN has collaborated with SMEDA for a series of these kinds of sessions for the promotion of Entrepreneurship among the students. The next session of this series is planned next month and a confirmed schedule will be communicated soon.