Webinar on Start Earning Today Through Your Own Youtube Channel

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CENTIN has arranged a webinars to facilitate young entrepreneurs, the third Webinar in the Social Media Marketing series entitled; “Start Earning Today Through Your Own YouTube Channel” was aired live on Tuesday, 13 October, 2020 from 3:00pm to 4:30pm.

The webinar facilitator, Mr Hamza Yazdani is a well-versed personality; his forte is social media marketing. He has gained vast expertise in the field by working with reputable organizations over the course of his career and is currently affiliated with UMT as “Lead Manager Digital Marketing & amp”. The whole team of CENTIN made this webinar successful by effectively contributing to it.

With this webinar, CENTIN aimed to address the general guidelines for a successful YouTube channel, while also expanding the audience’s knowledge on monetization through YouTube. A descriptive walk through from how to start and set up, gain subscribers – reach target audience, design content, to monetization and budget allocation for the project was conducted. Where-in, the use of essential hardware/software as well as criteria for content editing was discussed. Our target audience of young entrepreneurs and students were kept engaged throughout the session as they learnt about starting/expanding their own YouTube Channel and monetizing it strategically. The webinar was aired live on UMT and CENTIN’s Facebook pages, and a recording shall be uploaded on UMT YouTube soon. CENTIN has promoted such webinars on social media platforms for striving and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to regularly engage with and learn from. All the participants showed an overwhelming response and expressed interest in the continuation of the webinar series as a means of learning and understanding new concepts.