Highlights of Webinar on How to Develop Your Business Through Facebook Marketing

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The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CENTIN) strives hard to address the needs and challenges faced by business startups by providing them essential learning opportunities without compromising on the quality. CENTIN realized the need of Digital Marketing for promoting new startups and announced a series of webinars covering all the aspects of this topic in detail. The first session of this series entitled “How to develop your business through facebook marketing?” was conducted by Mr. Hamza Yazdani Malik (Lead Manager Digital Marketing & amp; Social Media @ UMT) on Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020 from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM. This was a live interactive learning session and aired live at UMT & CENTIN Facebook Pages. This webinar showed a huge response from the audience and proved as a milestone for our upcoming sessions. So far, more than 7000 people have reached this post whereas 1500+ people viewed this session at our Facebook Page. This session addressed all the important techniques used for boosting and expanding any businesses using Facebook platform. Muhammad Farooq Anwar from CENTIN moderated this session whereas all the team members of CENTIN effectively contributed in organizing this event successfully. The session facilitator, Hamza Yazdani Malik, guided all the participants very precisely on the challenges faced by startups while marketing their business at Facebook. His main focus was on the practical learning of the participants, therefore, he conveyed his insights through practical demonstration. The Q&A session was conducted at the end where Hamza answered all the relevant queries of the participants.