Session on Building a Successful Online Brand in Pakistan

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The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CENTIN) collaborated with NIC Islamabad and mutually organized an online session on “Building a Successful Online Brand in Pakistan”. The event was held on 24th June, 2020 at 5:00 PM where Umar Qamar, Co-Founder Export Leftovers (elo), was invited as a guest speaker. This was a live Zoom session, which was aired at CENTIN’s Facebook page as well.

This was indeed a great informative session for all the participants. Mr. Umar Qamar, Co-Founder of Export Leftovers (elo) shared his insights on the aforementioned topic. He talked about some essential aspects of online business which includes customer behavior & loyalty, creating branding strategy, integration of digital tools and dealing with competition. He shared that building a successful online brand is more than just designing a logo, developing a website and owning a Facebook page rather it involves creating a brand identity that stands for something and is backed by great customer service.