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CENTIN/Futurizm, in partnership with Regional Plan9, a project of the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), hosted an impactful awareness session entitled “Awareness Drive for Regional Plan 9” on Thursday, 23rd May, 2024 at 12:30pm. The venue of this event was 1C-16, central building, UMT main campus, Johar Town, Lahore. The event provided a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn about Regional Plan 9’s newly launched “Cohort -4” program and its potential to transform innovative ideas into commercially viable businesses
Ms. Durr e Shahwar (Program Officer, Plan 9) conducted this awareness session. The event began with an introduction to Regional Plan9’s mission of supporting startups in Punjab. Attendees received an overview of the Cohort-4 program, including eligibility, application process, and benefits. Success stories from past cohorts inspired participants. A dedicated Q&A session provided a platform for potential applicants to address queries and concerns directly. Ms. Durr e Shahwar provided clarifications and offer guidance, ensuring that attendees felt empowered to take the next steps in their entrepreneurial journey.
Overall, the event provided a comprehensive overview of Regional Plan9’s initiatives, equipped attendees with practical knowledge about the Cohort-4 program, and facilitated valuable networking opportunities, ultimately empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their ventures with confidence.