MoU Signed with Extreme Commerce

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A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), facilitated by CENTIN-UMT, was signed between University of Management & Technology, Lahore Pakistan and Extreme Commerce on the 12 January, 2021.

Extreme Commerce enables the provision of professional training for running and managing e-commerce businesses in Pakistan. The affiliation aims to provide free access to the Video Boot Camp 2021 (VBC 2021) of Extreme Commerce to the UMT family. The complete training program aims to facilitate smooth and profitable standing of participants’ e-commerce businesses and step by step guidance on how to set up an Amazon business in Pakistan, with special focus on all the Amazon’s income generation model i.e. Building Private Label Brand at Amazon, Amazon FBA wholesale and Drop Shipping etc.

Extreme Commerce would not charge any fee to UMT Students, Alumni, Faculty and Staff Members, applying for VBC 2021 access through our center. The first cohort to collect applications for free VBC 2021 Camp will be announced soon by CENTIN.