A few problems that blind people face in their day-to-day lives. Many of the assumptions that we make about blind people are really not problems and then there are many other things that we do not imagine as problems but they are! Navigating around the Places,

Finding Reading Materials, Arranging Clothes, Overly helpful Individuals and Getting Things of Independence etc.

Actually we are focusing on first problem because the biggest challenge for a blind person, especially the one with the complete loss of vision, is to navigate around places. Blind man who is dependent on others on many aspects like moving from one place to another and also he cannot detect obstacles in his way while moving. Sometimes, a blind person forgets where he is now and how to move from one room to other even in his own house. Similarly, he forgets the destination while he is away from home.

The idea is to facilities a blind person through a stick that will allow him to resolve such issues. Our Project is about the Smart Stick for the blind people. We are giving a new concept of a stick having sensors and cameras which enables a blind person for detecting obstacles and move to his destination without any help of other person. The stick will have a camera mounted on it and the camera is viewing the calibrated roofs of the house. By processing the images of the roof, the smart stick will calculate the complete route from current location to his destination where he wants to be and give directions in the form of voice (Move Right, Left, Forward and Backward) so that blind man can move freely. In global market there are many stick having this feature like Google map and hurdles detector but we introduce an Indoor feature to help the blind man to reach his destination at home like bedroom, washroom and kitchen etc.