We are all well aware of the benefits of consuming an organic diet but why don’t we apply the same thought process to our skin and hair health?

By choosing Rusha’s Organic merchandise, you commit yourself to healthiness and to a lifestyle based on natural and less processed products. Organic products are highly beneficial whether consumed in the form of food or used on skin and hair. Rusha’s Organic helps you protect your skin in the longer run. It is a lifelong commitment to healthiness and wellness.

We offer organic products which include:

Hair Repair Oil for Women:

This oil is a mixture of twelve oils and different herbs. It is specifically made for hair growth, shine, better texture and reduction in dandruff.

Healthy Face Mask:

A safe, natural and pocket-friendly product. It is made up of organic ingredients and can be used for all skin types.

Nourishing Hair Oil for Men:

Normalizing self-care for men is mandatory. The media only projects women following a self-care regime. The truth is that self-care does not include soaps and baths only and it isn’t for women alone. Men need self-care too. We offer products which can be used for taking care of yourself on a daily basis.


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