Mr. Hamza Yazdani Malik
Lead Manager Digital Marketing & Social Media at UMT

Mr. Hamza Yazdani Malik is a high achieving professional and social media expert, who has in-depth knowledge and vast experience in his field. He is currently associated with UMT as Lead Manager Digital Marketing & amp; Social Media. Prior to working with UMT, he led the development of a digital marketing and communications strategy for the Asian Hockey Federation, managed the digital content production for Coke Studio Season 11 and managed the strategy and content development of YouTube channels for Rahim Pardesi, Samina Peerzada, PCB, Shoaib Akhtar, Ducky Bhai and 10+ Domestic News Channels while working in a Multi-Channel Network (MNC) at CreatorsOne (Walnut Studios).

 Mr. Sunny Ali
Founder & CEO Extreme Commerce

Sunny Ali is the founder and CEO of Extreme Commerce. Sunny Ali founded Extreme Commerce for the purpose of enabling Pakistani youth and young entrepreneurs with right skills and knowledge to build a minimum of $1000 in monthly income.

Extreme Commerce is the largest e-learning platform of Pakistan with 200k members and the largest eco system with funding available for young members to build their online businesses. Extreme Commerce has churned over more than US Dollar 350 Million in last 3 years and the aim is to build US Dollar 12 Billion in annual revenue for Pakistan through online earning by enabling 1 Million members to earn $1000 per month through freelancing or ecommerce.

 Mr. Shafaat R. Hashmi

The smallest things add up to make our universe and so is true for business. The only binding force which keeps everything floating in the orbit is love, and so is true about my relationship with my clients. I work because it is part of my faith. I work for integrity. I work to earn respect. I aim for success and always considered wealth as a byproduct. I love to share and give back to the community. Nothing is eternal but a great legacy which I am trying to leave behind through bringing inspiring ideas to life.

Currently working with:

  • Founder and CEO @ Stalliongates Asset Management & Financial Advisory
  • Founder and CEO @ BRANDBEAT Advertising & Communications
  • Founder and CEO @ TECKROSS
  • Managing Partner @ International Investment Real Estate

 Mr. Talaal Burny

Talaal Burny has 7 years of experience in the Startup Industry, areas of his expertise being Enterprise Development, Strategic Partnerships and Brand Management. Currently, Talaal is working with Careem as Developer Relations Manager. He is responsible for building and growing Careem Engineering as a technology brand; growing the developer community; and expanding Careem’s technology teams in Pakistan, Dubai and Berlin.

Talaal has been with Careem from 2016 and since then he has been a part of its ever upward journey in becoming MENA’s first technology unicorn, followed by it’s $3.1 Billion acquisition by Uber. At Careem, Talaal has contributed his expertise in multiple departments including Operations, Marketing and Partnerships; and most recently was a part of the Global Brand & Reputation team, where he founded and led sub-brand Careem ERUPT – an ecosystem that connected Careem with local technology startups and incubators to bridge industry gaps and establish partnerships.

Prior to joining Careem, Talaal co-founded Travly, a ride-hailing startup that helped shape the on-demand space of Pakistan along with tech giants such as Uber and Careem. One of the first and few startups to successfully close a seed round of $200,000 from Pakistani investors. During its hay days, Travly was established as an iconic loud-mouth brand that became a social media heartthrob.

Talaal is also an alum of Plan9 Tech Incubator (3rd cycle, 2013) and PlanX Accelerator (Inaugural cohort, 2014). He has also been a Rajeev Circle Fellow and has formerly served as the Co-Lead at Facebook Developer Circles.

Mr. Amjad Pervez

Chairman, JumpStart Pakistan

Mr. Amjad Pervez is an entrepreneur par excellence with 35 years of experience and has been residing in the UK for nearly 5 decades. He is associated with many fields such as food, healthcare, education etc. and has a history of working in the international trade and development business.

Mr. Ahmad Hamdhan

General Manager at Hajeej International

Principal Consultant at Communication Concepts

An accomplished technology executive experienced in leading teams to create intellectual property and forging alliances with tech titans to create scalable solutions. A cloud evangelist and angel investor. He has worked in leadership roles within Microsoft to define, design and deploy cloud scale modular datacenter architecture. Has extensive experience in entrepreneurial ventures related to health care technology, gaming studio/lab development, scalable technology strategy, e-commerce, artificial intelligence and intellectual property commercialization? He has experience in negotiating multi party royalty agreements and currently serves in VC and M&A forums focused on evaluating and developing scalable technology solutions. He actively serves on advisory boards of local and international ventures.

Areas of interest:

  • Cloud based Architecture
  • Blockchain Solutions
  • Fintech and E-Commerce
  • Big Data – Machine Learning – Artificial Intelligence
  • Game Development
  • Health-tech

Mr. Saad Idrees

Director at Social Innovation Lab (SIL) & CEO of Daftarkhwan

Saad Idrees is co-founder & CEO of Daftarkhwan, a co-working space based out of Lahore. Saad is an entrepreneur and has previously worked with startups to help them build their social enterprises, as Director of the Social Innovation Lab. He has also served as a consultant for The World Bank and worked closely with provincial governments across Pakistan to design technology solutions to improve service-delivery for citizens.

Mr. Ayyaz Ahmed

Director of Business Development at Sang-e-Meel Publications

Ayyaz is the Director of Business Development for Sang-e-Meel Publications, a publishing house filling the gap in Pakistan’s literary sector by increasing access to valuable pieces of literature, ranging from historical accounts of the subcontinent to reprints of rare books.

Sang-e-Meel’s aim is to create new, relevant and meaningful content for future generations so they can reconnect with their cultural history and identity and work towards building a better future. Ayyaz has a bachelor’s degree in Political Economy from Williams College, studied Social Policy at the London School of Economics and recently finished his MBA at the University of Cambridge.

Mr. Adeel Javed

Founder of Pakistan Citizens Alliance & VizRah

An erudite, when it comes to youth development, motivational & inspiring talks, leadership, and social entrepreneurship. He has showed his fervent dedication towards the society and youth by setting pragmatic examples.

Doing Executive MBA in Innovation Technology & Entrepreneurship from Information and Technology University, Adeel is one of the finest example of self-made man who has striven through his dedication and expertise and forges a welfare soceity by the name of Pakistan Citizens Alliance (PCA), a non-profit organization, which is working for the future of society. In addition to that, Adeel developed a platform to bridge the gap between acedemia and the industry, he gave this platform the name, VizRah. He is a proud ambassador of Akhuwat and also a manager to Jibraan Khalid Foundation for Life (JKFL). He has proven to be a compassionate yet influential motivational speaker by delivering enthralling sessions to the youth of tomorrow.

Areas of interest:

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Youth Development
  • Motivational & Inspiring Talks
  • Leadership & Skill Building

Mr. Aamir Rashid

Founder/CEO at Uninama

Aamir completed his Bachelors in Engineering from NUST and right after his graduation he founded anEd-Tech startup; Uninama. After being successfully Incubated at TIC-NUST & Plan9, Aamir settled in Lahore with the formation of his own software house and leading a team of 15 people at Uninama. Alongside he works for Momentum Tech Conference as their Head of Operations in the North region, and at UMT as their Business Incubation Center Consultant.

Areas of interest: 

  • Technology
  • Startups
  • Education
  • Mobile & Web Apps Development

Mr. Mughees Tahir

Mughees Tahir is the program manager at PlanX which is a project of Punjab Information Technology Board and Pakistan’s largest technology accelerator program. At PlanX he is responsible for facilitating inducted startups via business development, industry linkages, trainings, workshops and access to funding channels. He oversees areas of operations, partnerships, finances, marketing and research. He has a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business with specialization in Marketing and Sales from Forman Christian College Lahore and a Master of Science (MSc) in International Strategic Marketing from University of Glasgow, UK.

 Mughees has previously worked at British Council and Cure MD with over a decade’s experience in operations and management. He is an entrepreneur himself and has been involved in mentoring a lot of startups as part of the accelerator program that he heads. He believes in constantly working towards contributing to and further developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Pakistan.

Areas of Interest:

  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Management
  • Trainings