Highlights of Webinar on “AI Business Transformation”

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We are delighted to inform you that the Futurizm-AI Powered Tech Incubator at UMT organized a virtual awareness webinar titled “AI Business Transformation” on October 19, 2023, at 03:00 pm. This webinar was broadcast live on CENTIN and Futurizm’s social media platforms. The purpose of this session was to explore the opportunities and support offered by UMT in turning innovative ideas into AI-based business ventures through our recently launched Futurizm-AI Powered Tech Incubator.

Dr. Muhammad Yasir Amjad, Director of CENTIN at UMT, and Dr. Ammar Aftab Raja from HSM at UMT, presented the concept of the incubator to the audience, including students and faculty members. Dr. Yasir elaborated on the various startup streams and the current trends in Artificial Intelligence. He also emphasized the emerging areas for AI-based startups in Pakistan and outlined the application process for incubating startups. Dr. Ammar, on the other hand, discussed the technical resources required for an AI-powered tech incubator. He also highlighted the collaborative opportunities the management is eager to provide to help establish a community for AI-based startups.

The webinar concluded with Dr. Yasir and Dr. Ammar addressing participants’ questions and leaving a positive note for the attendees.