Highlights of Business Plan Presentation (Bababoota)

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Mr. Muhammad Qassim Asghar, Director of Bababoota, along with Mr. Sumeed Javed, member of this e-commerce platform, presented the progress of his business startup to Mr. Muhammad Farooq Anwar, Deputy Manager Operations, CENTIN, UMT. Key topics covered encompassed the growth of a new customer base and remarkable increases in organic website traffic. He also discussed a few issues relating to a lack of repeating customers & delayed deliveries.

In response, Mr. Farooq, with a discerning eye for business development, offered valuable insights and recommendations. These included strategies to improve the delivery services network and optimize social media marketing, collectively working toward Bababoota’s continuous improvement and success in the dynamic e-commerce landscape. He also highlighted the importance of repeated customers for an e-commerce business which seemed to be lacking in this case. Mr. Qassim acknowledged the suggestions and ensured to work on their shortcomings.