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Mr. Zeeshan Ijaz (Founder/CEO of Enfert Biogas) presented a comprehensive business plan presentation on behalf of Enfert Biogas, to Mr. Muhammad Farooq Anwar (Deputy Manager Operations, CENTIN, UMT).

The presentation kicked off with a succinct portrayal of the problem landscape, highlighting energy import dependencies, escalating fuel consumption rates, and the overarching challenge of global warming. Zeeshan’s solution focused on the transformation of waste into biogas via a biogas plant, presenting an alternative to fuel imports. His comparative analysis shed light on the substantial economic advantages of domestic biogas production. Crucial aspects such as the proposed plant’s cost, production capacity, and projected profitability timeline were meticulously addressed.

Mr. Farooq expressed commendation for the innovative approach, offering constructive feedback to address any identified shortcomings. Moreover, he emphasized the importance of citing information sources and suggested refining the financials as well. Mr. Zeeshan acknowledged the suggestions and ensured to present it again after incorporating the changes.