Highlights of Webinar on “Communication Planning and Management (For Startups)”

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On September 8, 2023, Innoland Incubation & Acceleration Center, Azerbaijan hosted a compelling webinar titled “Communication Planning and Management (for startups),” featuring Dr. Muhammad Yasir Amjad, Director of CENTIN, as guest speaker. It was aired live via Zoom at 4:00 pm (PST).

Dr. Yasir’s expertise illuminated several critical facets of communication for startups during the session. He stressed the importance of effective communication with investors, clients, and employees as a cornerstone of success. Renowned international brand stories were shared to underline the profound impact of communication – showcasing both the advantages of robust communication strategies and the disadvantages of ineffective communication. Participants from Azerbaijan & Pakistan attended this insightful session, and they gained a clear definition of communication in the startup context encompassing digital interactions. Moreover, the webinar offered insights into efficient community building for startups, emphasizing the utilization of digital tools and platforms to engage with target audiences without wasting precious time.

This webinar equipped startups with actionable strategies and knowledge to enhance their communication practices. The webinar was aired live on CENTIN & UMT’s social media pages and received an overwhelming response from the audience. The host of the webinar appreciated Dr. Yasir’s practical expertise and his commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and concluded the session with a note of thanks.