Highlights of Business Plan Presentation (Edventure)

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A business plan presentation took place at the Futurizm Hall, UMT. Mr. Waqas Abdullah and his team members presented their idea for a platform that would bridge the gap between academia and industry in Pakistan.
The presentation began with a problem statement i.e., limited opportunities for academia and industry to collaborate in Pakistan. The team proposed a platform that would provide a space for teachers and professors to showcase their expertise and engage in discussions related to their fields and industries. This would help to bridge the gap in knowledge-sharing and collaboration between academia and industry. After the problem statement, the team discussed market analysis, highlighting the growing education sector, limited knowledge-sharing, and untapped market potential. They presented their business model and explained their marketing strategy through social media and other apps.
During the presentation, Mr. Yasir Amjad, Director of CENTIN/Futurizm UMT, listened attentively and provided valuable feedback. He pointed out a couple of issues and the need for more clarity regarding the idea. He also informed the team about the benefits of using the facilities offered by CENTIN/Futurizm. Overall, the presentation was informative, and the team showed dedication and enthusiasm for their idea.