The Associate Dean HSM, UMT, along with students of BS (Entrepreneurship), Visited Futurizm

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Dr. Farrah Arif (Assoc. Prof. & Associate Dean, HSM, UMT) along with the students of BS (Entrepreneurship) visited Futurizm on November 17, 2022 and had talk with the Director CENTIN, Mr. Muhammad Yasir Amjad. The primary agenda of the meeting was to comprehend the concept and importance of Entrepreneurship, learn about the real-time challenges involved in this field, and understand how to cope with these things in order to successfully become self-employed. Mr. Yasir discussed in detail “Why Entrepreneurship Should be Chosen as a Career?” with the students. Furthermore, he briefly shared the offerings and services that Futurizm provides to its incubated startups.

The students of BS (Entrepreneurship) discussed their business ideas with the Mr. Yasir and Dr. Farrah in detail and discussed various commercialization aspects with them. Dr. Farrah appreciated their business ideas which they would nurture along with their degree program. Mr. Yasir discussed different scenarios by quoting examples and discussed how students could transform their business ideas and academic projects into real-time business ventures. Furthermore, he precisely answered their queries and offered pre-incubation to all students and asked them to start working on their ideas and carry their businesses at maturity stage by the time of graduation from BS entrepreneurship.

It was an interactive and interesting meeting with the students, and they showed an overwhelming response. CENTIN/Futurizm intends to organize more entrepreneurial activities and events for the students in Future.