Futurizm’s Incubated Startup received “Rector Innovation Award 22”

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Futurizm’s incubated startup i.e., “Institute of Online Learning and Earning (OLEA)” by Ayesha Rafiq and mentored by the Director CENTIN, UMT, Mr. Muhammad Yasir Amjad, made a remarkable moment of pride and success by receiving “Rector Innovation Award 22”. CENTIN/Futurizm sincerely acknowledges the dedication and hard work of the stakeholders put in achieving exceptional outcomes and congratulates them for this achievement.

“Institute of Online Learning and Earning” is a platform to inculcate training in digital skills. It is offering the most advanced courses with experienced mentors. This project is providing services to learn skills which help to learn and earn online. The courses consist of social media Virtual Assistant, Freelancing with Instant Skills, Amazon Virtual Assistant, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Content Writing, Spoken English, SEO, YouTube Earnings and many more.