“The freelancing secrets “by Ayesha Rafiq (A Top Rate Upwork and Fiverr Seller)

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The Entrepreneurship society of Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CENTIN) organized an immensely insightful learning webinar entitled” The Freelancing Secrets” by Ayesha Rafiq (A top rated Upwork and Fiverr seller). The session was conducted online through zoom on Wednesday, June 09, 2021, at 3pm. 

This was the first webinar which was organized by CENTIN’s Entrepreneurship Society under the supervision of the management. This webinar was a huge success and received an overwhelming response from the audience. There were more than 140 participants of this session whereas 2800+ people have reached its online post at CENTIN’s Facebook page so far. 

The webinar was moderated by Ms. Hashima Khan, the Media Secretary of the society. The speaker, Ayesha Rafiq, an entrepreneur and trainer by profession, is also a member of CENTIN’s Entrepreneurship society. She initiated the session by familiarizing the students with Freelancing.  Later, she had thoroughly explained the benefits of online work – keeping the contemporary challenges and opportunities for students in the digital arena under consideration. The session was both informative and engaging for the audience. She highlighted all the vital topics related to freelancing like; what are the reliable online platforms of freelancing available in Pakistan? What types of skills are needed for freelancing? How to build a network as a freelancer? What is the importance of creating a portfolio whilst making freelancing accounts? What are the available ways to earn online? and how to withdraw payments?

 The Director CENTIN, Mr. Muhammad Yasir Amjad also joined the session and appreciated the efforts of the all the members of the society in organizing such an informative session. He also invited Mr. Abdul Rehman, who is the Founder of orderlao.com (A Futurizm’s incubated start-up), to introduce orderlao.com before the audience, which is an online platform developed for local freelancers of the country. 

The speaker addressed all the questions very precisely, after the presentation. This webinar was aired live at CENTIN and UMT’s social media pages, whereas the recording would be available on UMT’s YouTube channel soon. The lively session instilled entrepreneurial spirit and inspiration amongst students. To incite and facilitate innovation, CENTIN/Futurizm would arrange such webinars in future as well.