CENTIN Brings Webinar on “How to Raise Your Company from an Idea”

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Entrepreneurship is now on the surge, but every start-up carries its own unique set of challenges and initial requisites which must be addressed by young entrepreneurs. Supporting student start-ups and growing businesses is a priority at CENTIN-UMT, therefore, CENTIN invites Mr. Ali Khursheed, a proud UMT alumni and Furturizm’s incubatee, to share his hands-on experience and insight on “How to Raise Your Company from an Idea” on February 25, 2021 at 3pm.

About the Speaker

 Mr. Ali Khursheed is the Founder of a successful start-up i.e. Aabshar which is one of the major success stories we take pride in. Their product helps in saving 98% of the water within 30 seconds, by turning a simple stream of water into tiny droplets. Facilitated by CENTIN, Futurizm, it has achieved great milestones and received many international and national awards including World/National Best Entrepreneur from Uber, Position holder in DICE 2K19, Bangkok Business Challenge & GESA competition 2020, and received recognition from Dunya News, World Bank, British Council, PUCIT, Akhuwat foundation and PBIT. It also got the opportunity to represent Pakistan in Canada, India, US, Thailand and Italy. Aabshar claims to have saved 60 Million litres of water, 20 Million Trees and 45K Pakistanis Lives so far.

Learning Outcomes of the Session:

Mr. Ali Khursheed would be sharing his first-hand experience and focusing on the following outcomes;

  • To address the motivation required in an entrepreneur at the beginning of its journey
  • To discuss the major initial failures and challenges faced by a startup in Pakistan
  • To share the opportunities available for startups in Pakistan
  • To balance business activities along with studies
  • To overcome short/long-term hurdles faced by startups and their solutions 
  • To secure funding from national and international funders

We hope that this session will equip young entrepreneurs with the necessary business ingredients and motivate them to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams!