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Ali Khursheed is a fonder of AABSHAR and a student of BS.EE (batch 18) in University of Management and Technology. CENTIN/Futurizm plays a vital in widening his network by giving him a number of opportunities to present his project and develop his skills. He started AABSHAR in 2019 which is a pioneer startup for water conservation in Pakistan.

Achievements / Representations:

  1. Invited to many national TV Channels and Blogs (KahbarZar by Aftab Iqbal, Urdu Point, Vice of America, Mashable, TechJuice )
  2. Won major competitions of 2019
  3. Represented Pakistan among the 6 continents at sasin BBC
  4. Awarded as Best Entrepreneur of Pakistan 2020 by GSEA
  5. Ranked in the TOP 5 startups in entire Asia by Pioneer
  6. Sold 3k units, generated 5.2 million
  7. Raised Angel Round of investment
  8. 2M units order intend letter from a renowned 5-star hotel
  9. Expanding nationally to other regions