Webinar on “Challenges & Perspectives of Entrepreneurship in Pakistan”

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A webinar hosted by Code International in collaboration with CENTIN-UMT was held on Monday, November 23, 2020.

The aim of this webinar was to discuss the perspectives and challenges of entrepreneurship development in Pakistan. Mr. Muhammad Yasir Amjad, the director CENTIN co-presided over the session as a speaker. Mr. Yasir spoke about nurturing innovation and described the essence of ideas; integrating already available resources to get optimum results and maximum efficiency. He talked about the recent growth in entrepreneurial culture amongst students and the problems faced by student startups in the industry. He quoted the statistics for the survival and success rate of startups and attributed the lower rate to both markets needs and professional grooming of young entrepreneurs. He expressed that startup teams should define legalities and ToRs to avoid conflicts in the longer run and the essentiality of market research. He explained the role of universities in facilitating entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Lastly, the digitization and modification of startups was discussed in light of the current global situation. His intellect was highly appreciated by the participants.